Summer is swiftly coming to an end, but that doesn't mean it can't go out with a bang! This year, Rocket's Landing is proud to debut  the RVA Wake N' Sun Fest .  

This brand new festival will take place on September 1st at Rocket's Landing near the Boathouse Restaurant. The festival will include food trucks, beer trucks,  live music, water-sports, and over fifty vendors!  Tickets are around $10-15 dollars, but if you check Groupon or Richmond Daily Deals, you might find them cheaper.



Music at this event includes:   DJ Williams Projekt, DJ Doodle, Eli Cash, Long Jawns, The Reinhold, The Polychrons,M.A.S.S. Fx, Agent, Phil Dice, The Handsmiths, Beatdown The Kid , and McGill Lee Jackson. It is also rumored that pianist Grayland Snead Jr will perform at this event. More talent could be added to the lineup; I will keep this page updated to the best of my knowledge.

Get your taste-buds ready- This event has some fantastic food truck options:

Grate Pizza

Mosaic Restaurant - Richmond


Beagle's BBQ

Slideways Mobile Bistro

The Dog Wagon

Thai Cabin

Paris Creperie

The Official Gelati Celesti Ice Cream Makers

Soul-Ice Vending, Inc. 

King of pops

Feeling adventurous?  Ayers Extreme Watersports will be on the James renting out water jet packs and jet bikes. This is something you would not find at your ordinary RVA  festival.

There will also be sports such as paddle boating, kayaking, and water pong. Oh, and we can't forget the half- pipe :)

Whether your are a participant or a curious onlooker, fun is pretty much guaranteed :)


So, if you find yourself craving good food, live music, and wholesome outdoor fun between the hours of 11AM and 9PM on September 1st, come on down to Rocket's Landing- be one of the first!


Spirited Art

See if there is a location near you!

This establishment combines friends, food, and art in a humble environment. The studio is conducive to families, couples, friends, or private events. The instructors are very nice and helpful. Each week, the studio holds a class featuring a new piece of art; the artwork ranges from instructor originals to recreations of famous pieces such as Starry Night. Another appealing aspect- the classes are for all ranges of ability and talent; one does not need experience to join the fun. The canvas and paints are provided by the studio. Price isn't too bad either- typically in the $30-35 dollar range. If you love art, or if you are looking for a new hobby, I would suggest looking into Spirited Art; just remember to listen to their slogan: "Don't drink the paint-water!" :)