Steampunk Fashion

Steam-punk combines the Wild West, the Victorian Age, and futuristic science fiction into one unique style. Steam-punk is not just a genre of fashion, but a genre of literature, art, and film. Some essentials of this genre include brass everything, Victorian garment, top hats, worn leather, belts, gears, buttons, and the staple variation of aviator goggles.  This style combines creativity, science fiction/fantasy, and even a post-apocalyptic survivalist approach to life.  The literature and film industry have created vast steam powered worlds that capture the imagination,including anything from steam powered air ships to floating cities in the sky. The canon includes many books, manga, and anime that embody the steam-punk world. Not only do the settings and plots intrigue us, but the art, clothing, and architecture are something to behold. The ingenuity involved with taking ordinary items and transforming them into this "pseudo-Victorian mechanical style" is something to be respected. Though steam-punk is often considered a sub-culture, many mainstream stores and artists are beginning to explore more and more of this genre.  If you are interested in exploring this genre, it is easy to create your own steam-punk style with a little arts and crafts...

20130118_170136 (1).jpg

The hat above, I made using an $8 top hat, vintage trinkets, and feathers.

IMAG0509 (1).jpg

To the right, we added computer parts including: memory sticks, a hard drive, and a processing chip to a store bought top-hot.. We also added some gears and gadgets to the coat. The coat is also lined with brass buttons.  Rather than wearing goggles, Mr. Wyatt chose gold framed sunglasses to match the brass on his jacket.


The blue dress was purchased at a yard sale. The vintage look really fit the steam-punk style. I added some accessories and store-bought goggles. Any thrift store or yard sale is a good place to search for the vintage look. Just add some imagination and you have got yourself a steam-punk wardrobe.

Below are some ideas for jewelry. Anything vintage or Victorianesque  will work. Try gold or copper lapels to really accessorize. Amazon and other sites such as Etsy have jewelry rendered to the steam-punk style.

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