Boneshaker by Cherie Priest- A steampunk/zombie thriller


My first experience with Cherie Priest was when I stumbled upon the Clockwork Century Series, of which, the first novel is Boneshaker. The world described is quite easy to envision, not because of any lack of imagination, but rather because the book is full of originality and tone. This novel combines a mechanical steam-punk world with a twist- zombies!!!! While the main story is one of adventure and your typical conflict/resolution story arc, there is another story about the search for identity and lineage. The book was an enjoyable read and the author's style flowed coherently.  I thought the decision to label zombies as "rotters" was fun.  The idea of being trapped in a foggy, blight-infested, rotter ridden town is terrifying to me! One blast of blight to the face and I'm a goner..or rotter that is...

Most characters are likable or at least interesting in some manner or another, which is always a plus.  As each page turned, I thought to myself : "How would this story fare as a movie?!" Well, someone out there must agree with me on this one; news hit Film School Rejects on November 11th, 2012 that studios are planning on transforming Boneshaker into a motion picture. John Hilary Shepherd is writing the screenplay for this Hugo Award winning novel. I do hope the film does the book justice. I loved the story and think it would make a great film if put in the right hands. 

I plan on continuing my literary journey with the Clockwork Century Series and I recommend that others do the same. :)